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Go Hugo. Gefällt Mal. This a spot to upload all your #gohugo photos and leave messages for Marianne and Chris. May 4, The primary view of content in Hugo is the single view. Hugo will render every Markdown file provided with a corresponding single template. Nov. Hugo ist ein in Go geschriebener Seitengenerator. Der soll vor allem durch seine Einfachheit punkten und außerdem schneller als Jekyll sein.

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Die einfache und komfortable Handhabung mit Tablet oder eReader gibt es als Bonus noch obendrauf. Bei der angestrebten Migration einer dieser Websites musste ich dann noch die Erfahrung machen, dass das Ganze in einer Wordpresse-Multisite-Umgebung nicht ganz fehlerfrei funktioniert: Artikel kaufen mit Kreditkarte Artikel kaufen mit Paypal. Das Muster bei den Konsole-Befehlen ist immer dasselbe: Pico und Grav — oder: Wer jedoch mehr Performance und Sicherheit haben will, kann das auch erreichen, ohne normale Anwender völlig auszugrenzen. Was mich für Grav einnimmt: Den liefert Hugo wie gesagt in der Exe-Datei bereits mit:. Und mehr braucht man für Hugo auch nicht.

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Er wurde in Go programmiert, einer Sprache, die von Google entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde. Diese Generierung von Webseiten ist aber rechenintensiv, sodass dynamische Websites sehr langsam sein können. Sonderlich hübsch ist die Seite noch nicht, da nur etwas zerschossenes Layout sichtbar ist und sämtliche Inhalte fehlen. Um zu testen, ob Hugo auch funktioniert, kann man vom Hugo-Ordner aus mit dem folgenden Befehl die Version von Hugo aufrufen:. Natürlich gehören zu einem Umstieg von Wordpress zu Hugo auch Inhalte. Aus dem bisher Gesagten werden einige Vorteile von statischen Website-Generatoren bereits deutlich.

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Retrieved 21 February Retrieved December 9, Detroit Film Critics Society. Archived from the original on July 9, Retrieved December 20, Archived from the original on December 7, Retrieved December 8, Retrieved 6 December Retrieved March 1, Retrieved December 31, Archived from the original on April 4, Retrieved March 31, Street Scenes Italianamerican American Boy: Works by John Logan.

Filmography Awards and nominations. Stuff The Brave Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

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Aint It Cool News. Academy Awards [51] [52]. Graham King and Martin Scorsese. Dante Ferretti ; Set Decoration: Philip Stockton and Eugene Gearty.

Tom Fleischman and John Midgley. Alliance of Women Film Journalists [54] [55]. American Society of Cinematographers [56].

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Visual Effects Society Awards [72]. Area Film Critics Association Awards [73]. Best Original Score of the Year. Soundtrack Composer of the Year.

Young Artist Awards [74]. For a time, Hugo and Rita live in the jungle, but as the rainy season comes, Hugo and Rita end up being flushed out of the jungle, and are once again being hunted by General Maximus.

Hugo and Rita then stay with Meatball Charlie for a while, while planning their next move. Eventually, they end up working in a circus.

There, Hugo and Rita meet a tomte , who promises that in return for Hugo and Rita helping him to the North Pole and the Santa Claus 's castle, he will teach them how to be invisible.

Rita is sceptical about the tomte's magic, but Hugo convinces her that if they could learn how to be invisible, no one could catch them again.

Eventually, they make it to the North Pole, but Hugo and Rita are left behind in the blizzard, as the tomte leaves. As they fall asleep, Hugo and Rita are once again caught, this time by scientists that believe Hugo is an unknown arctic animal.

Thanks to help from Meatball Charlie, Hugo and Rita manage to escape the research facility, and General Maximus, who was once again back on Hugo's track.

Meatball Charlie then decides that, in order to keep Hugo safe from people hunting him, he buys a house on an island in the middle of a lake in Denmark where Hugo, Rita, and himself can live in peace and freedom.

There, Hugo and Rita chose to stay, with Meatball Charlie acting as their "guardian", up until the third film.

In the Jungledyret films, many animals talk to each other, but humans can't understand them. This translation convention is also seen in films such as Balto.

Hugo is the only known surviving member of the fictional species Hugus primiticus. His parents are never mentioned. He looks something like a living teddy bear or a koala , and has yellow fur.

In the second film, he mentions to a pig that he only has a summer coat. He has prehensile grasping hands, each with three fingers and a thumb.

He has large, fuzzy ears, and human-like feet with four toes. He is bipedal , though he can run in a quadrupedal manner for speed. He can use tools such as levers and skateboards, and can outwit other animals, such as snakes, cats, and squirrels.

He is noted for his cleverness, his kind heart, his love of food, his bragging, his mischievousness, and the occasional bout of childish selfishness.

He eats mostly fruits and loves bananas though he is omnivorous, as he won't shy away from eating meatballs. His most feared living specimen of all, of course, is humanity except for Meatball Charlie.

Rita is a young red fox kit who befriends Hugo on the streets of Copenhagen. She and Hugo quickly become best friends.

She's kind, streetwise, spunky, and has a decent amount of common sense—unlike Hugo, who is rather impulsive.

She lived with her mother and her two little brothers and one little sister in a den near some railroad tracks, until the second movie, where she escaped alongside Hugo from Cupmann.

Her father is never mentioned. A romance between Hugo and Rita is hinted in the first movie and later made explicit and sexual suggestive in the second movie, but later in the animated series and third film dimmed down this element to the point where it was only mentioned on a few occasions.

Charlie is the cook aboard the cargo ship that transports Hugo to Copenhagen. He finds Hugo, who has escaped the cargo hold, and at the end of the voyage, donates him to the city zoo.

He appears toward the end of the first film, and is not present in the second. Though, in the animated series, he appears once again, helping Hugo and Rita on numerous occasions, and in the third film, he makes several appearances, nearly coming off as part of the main character cast.

Hugo mentions that Meatball Charlie is probably his and Rita's only "human" friend. In the original Danish production, Meatball Charlie is named Dellekaj a mixture of "Delle" which is slang for frikadelle , a special kind of Danish meatball and Kaj which is a common Danish name and was voiced by Jesper Klein who also voices Hugo and Marcel Jeannin in the English dub.

Conrad owns a movie studio in Copenhagen , and dreams of making lots of money. He is morally bankrupt, willing to slash and burn the jungle to capture Hugo.

His first relationship started off with Izabella Dehavalot, but he rejected her wishes and left her when Hugo manages to escape Copenhagen in the first film.

His second relationship is with Barbie Turner, but instead, he is rejected by her, since she did not want him hurting Hugo.

Generalissimo Maximillion Maximus, or better known as General Maximus, is one of the series most recurrent major antagonists. He is the ruler of the recently founded fictional nation "Junglandia"- the country where Hugo originates from.

The symbol of Junglelandia is General Maximus' coat of arms, which depicts the same species as Hugo and, since Hugo is the rarest animal in the world, General Maximus is always seeking Hugo, both to have him as a symbol of the nation and in order to gain a world-famous reputation.

He has a low moral set, promising a great reward to the ones who gets Hugo, but he will not always keep his promises, either cheating them, or will later break his promises, and displays a ruthless determination in order to capture him.

Izabella is a black-haired starlet with a sharp figure. She is also the wife of Conrad Cupmann. Her goal is to gain notoriety through the exploitation of an animal co-star; she cites several fictional actors, and then her "good friend Michael " and his chimp.

Upon the discovery of Hugo, Izabella brightens at the idea of using him as her co-star and stops at nothing to capture him. Conrad divorced her in the time span between the two films, after she becomes obsessed to the point of madness over capturing Hugo.

In all European versions, she is called Izabella Scorpio. Rita's mother is a city fox living in Copenhagen.

Rita first mentions her to Hugo during their encounter at the zoo, explaining that she hunts food for the family during the night, although it seems she rarely finds enough as Rita says she is always hungry.

Rita describes her as "real tough" and implies she has regularly fought and killed the city's stray cats. The hunt leaves her exhausted and she spends most of the daytime in the den.

She strongly disapproves of Rita's night-time adventures but can do little to dissuade her. Experienced but somewhat cold, she initially refuses to harbour Hugo when Rita brings him home, stating that the den is already crowded, but Rita's pleading leads her to relent and she lets him stay for the day.

She catches the two before they set off for the banana ship that evening, offering to take Hugo to the docks herself and ordering Rita to stay and look after her siblings.

As they enter the industrial park they are pursued by one of the bounty hunters; fearing for her own safety she abandons Hugo before they reach the harbour, giving him vague directions before fleeing the area.

Rita's mother makes two brief appearances in Jungledyret 2. She doubts Hugo will ever return to Copenhagen and tells Rita to forget about him, while she goes out to hunt for food.

She is not referenced in later media. Barbie is a stereotypical dumb blonde and, in the second film, is Cupmann Studio's new starlet.

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